Each week our classes spend an hour in our character filled art room. It was once the Charleroi (Lockart’s Creek) Primary School established in 1892 and then was moved to Kiewa Valley Primary School (then known as Kiewa Valley Consolidated School) in 1953.


We study artists and styles of art along with creating both two and three dimensional artwork. Our grade six students finish the year with a project that is presented to the school as a tribute to their time at school. You will see these artworks in our halls and out in our lovely large playground area.


Each year our school performs in the Wodonga District Schools’ Arts Festival and our school concert held at the Tallangatta Memorial Hall. Students have the opportunity to work in other art forms such as dance and drama where they are able to dress-up and perform on stage.


We use art to contribute to the development of dexterity supporting both fine motor and gross motor skills. It offers all students a different way of expressing their creativity and learning in a visual, kinaesthetic and tactile environment.

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