Digital Learning

At Kiewa Valley Primary School we have a strong focus on digital learning and integration of technology across the school. Our vision statement for digital learning is:

At Kiewa Valley Primary School we endeavor to encourage and support our students to become safe, smart and responsible global citizens within the ever changing digital world. Through effective teaching and learning, students and staff will work collaboratively to develop their skills and confidence with the use of ICT, ensuring that ICT becomes a fundamental component of the school’s whole curriculum. The use of ICT will be purposeful, engaging and will enable students to have a choice and to be self-directed within aspects of their learning.

We are an eSmart school who encourages and teaches our students how to be safe, smart and responsible users of technology. In our classrooms we ensure our students regularly learn about Cybersafety and develop the skills needed to be responsible online citizens. At the start of each year all of our students complete an eSmart Acceptable Use Agreement which clearly outlines to students the expectations when using digital technology.


In our school students have access to 3 banks of Notebook computers and 2 banks of iPads. These are used during a wide range of learning activities across all curriculum areas. We also have an Anytime Anywhere Learning Program which begins at Year 4 with students purchasing their own Notebook device through a JB Hi-Fi education portal. These devices have the advantage of being able to be used both at home and at school and enables students to have greater access to a device to further support and enhance their learning. In each classroom we have Ultra HD Interactive Flat Panels which are used to support the teaching and learning within our classrooms.

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