About Us

Kiewa Valley Primary School is a rural community school in the Kiewa Valley approximately 20km from Albury / Wodonga. Most of our students travel to school by bus from all points of the compass so we serve a wide range of communities.


At Kiewa Valley Primary School your child’s education, safety and welfare is of prime importance to us. As members of the school community your opinion and concerns are respected and valued.


We firmly believe that all students should be encouraged to learn and grow in self confidence and esteem through:

  • Providing an environment that is happy, caring, safe and secure
  • Helping children achieve their full potential
  • Achieving success in each key learning area
  • Acquiring decision making, problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Learning to operate effectively as a team

Our school is a former consolidated school, set up centrally in Tangambalanga just over 50 years ago through the merging of several smaller schools in the district. We are lucky to be set on four acres of attractive grounds with two large playing fields, basketball and netball courts and extensive shared play areas thanks to our many trees and covered seating areas. There is plenty of space to play!
At Kiewa Valley Primary School we are committed to continually improving our educational and recreational facilities. We have a philosophy that we are a community resource and as such we make use of our facilities for meetings and after school activities for children and adults. We spent $1.3 million dollars on a school facilities upgrade in 2002 to refurbish five of our classroom teaching spaces and build a new library, administration wing and multi-purpose room. We substantially up-graded our playground equipment in 2003, and in 2005 have resurfaced all our asphalt areas to make them safer to play on.
We have over 180 students and currently have eight classes operating. Specialist teachers provide lessons in Art, Physical Education and Library. We have computer facilities in each classroom, a new computer lab in the Library and interactive whiteboards in every class to ensure the best computer access possible for our student.
We have a wonderful, experienced and caring staff who are committed to ongoing teacher development and regularly attend Professional Development programs to keep them abreast of best teaching practice. You will find our teachers and office staff friendly, helpful and supportive.



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