Kergunyah CWA Awards

The CWA Awards are an award program that is unique in that it is sponsored by the local Kergunyah CWA. The partnership began just over 4 years ago and has evolved into a very close relationship for both the CWA and the school.


At the end of each month each grade goes through a nomination process with their teacher. Each student in the grade is provided with a nomination form. Students are asked to think of those in their class who have tried hard over the past month to achieve a personal goal, who have excelled at learning a particular area, who have displayed outstanding personal relationship skills with their peers and have provided support and friendship to others in need.


Families are invited to a whole school assembly at the beginning of each month where presentations are made by a representative of the Kergunyah CWA. Students receive a certificate, citing the reason for their nomination and a pen.

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