In 2019, our classrooms are ;

F/1J – Mrs Janene Elliot

F/1M – Mrs Mary Couston

1/2N – Mr Neil Thomson

1/2C – Miss Catherine Ash

3/4L – Mrs Lydia Litchfield

3/4A – Miss Anne Maree Flavel

5/6R – Mrs Rachel Kelly (M,T,W,F) and Mrs Gail Vogel on Thursdays

5/6L – Ms Leanne Hadley

Supported by;

Specialist Music for senior classes on Fridays – Mr Rhys McKee

Specialist Music for junior classes and years 3-6 choir on Tuesdays – Miss Miriam Briggs

Specialist Blue Earth Program across years one to six on alternate Fridays

Specialist Art on Tuesdays and Wednesdays – Mrs Gail Vogel

Specialist Indonesian on Tuesdays and Wednesday – Ibu Brien

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